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The majority of gold extracted in the world turns into jewelry and enriches big gold corporations such as Gold Corp, Barrick Gold, Newmont, AngloGold, New Gold, and Freeport MacMoran, among others.

The extractive model of gold mining, especially open pit mining, makes mass extraction possible. The extraction process uses millions of tons of cyanide and water and leads to the complete disappearance of hills, mountains, and biodiversity.

Gold extraction is the most dangerous and devastating work in the world, impacting peoples’ health and the environment. Gold extraction contaminates water sources, the air and the earth, preventing agricultural production and causing serious sicknesses in the people who live around mining sites, including those that lead to death. In addition, sometimes mining activity causes people to lose their homes via forced eviction. And sometimes the social activists who, in defending human rights and the rights of the collective, fight against devastation to the land and to communities, are assassinated.

Therefore, aware of the impact and the social, cultural and irreversible environmental damage that the extractive model of gold mining generates I / we adhere to the Global Alliance Against Gold (AMO).

For these reasons I / We Commit to:

1) Not to use or wear gold: jewelry such as rings, chains, earings, etc. can be easily replaced.

2) Not to promote the use of gold in industrial scales, searching for an alternative to replace the metal that does not harm the environment.

3) Do not participate in the commercial exchange of gold: avoid buying it, selling it and promoting the commercial use of this metal.

4) Promote the campaign: Encourage people, organizations, collectives, communities, families, networks, movements, etc. to join the campaign against the use and the commercialization of gold.

5) Support the Global Alliance Against Gold (AMO) in your social media (insert our logo in your website, blog, social networks, etc. to help share the information).

6) Reference AMO whenever possible in the activities and the materials that we realize: publications, radio programs, workshops, etc.

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