Urgent Action to stop double persecution against Shuar communities and Accion Ecologica NGO in Ecuador

Thanks to join us. More than 7 thousand people from all over the world supported to this action and help stopped the closing of Acción Ecológica. You can read their thanks you letter here.

Presidente of Ecuador
Dr. Rafael Correa

We wish to express our concern about the efforts to advance large scale mining on Shuar territory in Morona Santiago, where the community of Nankints was evicted in August 2016, to make way for a mining camp operated by the Chinese company ExplorCobres S.A. It is known that these mining activities are taking place without the prior consultation nor consent of the affected communities and that the Shuar communities have brought several legal actions in this regard, which your government has failed to pay attention.

In recent days, in response to Shuar demands, the level of conflict with the transnational mining company has escalated leaving one dead and several wounded. During the weekly Presidential radio address on December 17, you disqualified this Indigenous people, stating that “this is the work of paramilitary groups and semi-criminals…” This discourse of criminalization has been accompanied by your declaration of a State of Emergency and immediate militarization of Shuar territories. The government crack down against community leaders and members is a clear illustration of extractivist violence.

In the context of these human rights violations, the government is trying to shut down Acción Ecológica, a nationally and internationally known non-governmental organization, recognized for its defence of peoples’ collective rights and the rights of nature. The government is threatening to close and dissolve the organizations, as a result of pressure from the Chinese transnational company and as a result of Acción Ecológica’s support for the Shuar people.

We believe in peoples’ self-determination, reject the Ecuadorian government’s extractivist violence, and express our solidarity with the Shuar peoples’ struggle and Acción Ecológica’s work in defence of human rights, demanding an immediate end to this double persecution.


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