Urgent Action: it´s time the Mexican government acts to lift immigration alert

To the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto
To the Mexican Governance Secretary, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong
To the Foreign Affairs Secretariat of Mexico
To the Mexican Ambassador to Honduras, Dolores Jiménez
To the National Human Rights Commission of Mexico

Yesterday´s afternoon –March 9, 2016-, Judge Victorina Flores, from La Esperanza, Intibucá Court decided to maintain the Immigration Alert against Gustavo Castro that prevents him from leaving the country for another 30 days. She also suspended Gustavo Castro´s lawyer for 15 days.

We demand the Mexican government to ensure that the environmental activist remains under the protection of the Mexican Embassy in Honduras as long as he is forced to stay in the country. At the same time we demand the Mexican Government to step up their actions for Gustavo Castro to leave Honduras as soon as possible.

With her ruling, the Judge is forcing Gustavo Castro to stay in Honduras unnecessarily, despite the risks this represents for this life. To date, Gustavo Castro has not received any legal document that explains the reasons behind this decision.

The measure is unnecessary, because Gustavo has complied with everything that has been requested from him and in case more statements are necessary, it is completely legal and viable for him to provide testimony from Mexico.

In addition, the Judge suspended Gustavo Castro´s lawyer for 15 days, which worsens the difficulties experienced by Gustavo Castro to defend himself against these irregularities. So far, Judge Victorina Flores has refused to submit in writing the proceedings and statements made by Gustavo, as well as written requests and the document where the lawyer´s suspension is established.

Despite multiple international bodies such as the IACHR and the OAS have spoken about the risks against Gustavo Castro´s life if he stays in Honduras and have demanded he is immediately authorized to leave the country, the Honduran judicial authorities have decided to disregard the calls by international bodies with which Honduras has signed agreements.

In light of this response by the Honduran government and judicial authorities, the Mexican government has to step up their actions to ensure the safety of Gustavo Castro and his immediate return to Mexico.

The Mexican government should address the conditions of vulnerability and defenselessness of Gustavo caused by the actions of the Honduran judicial authorities, ensuring the protection of his rights as a victim.

That is what we demand:

  • That the Mexican government ensures Gustavo Castro remains inside the Embassy while in Honduras.
  • That the Mexican government ensures the safety of Gustavo Castro and of the people helping him in Honduras.
  • That it establishes all bilateral agreements necessary for Gustavo Castro to meet any other judicial requests from Mexico.
  • That the Mexican authorities ensure the immediate return of Gustavo Castro to Mexico.